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About us

Without a valid Residence Permit, refugees are not allowed to work or study in Germany, and the asylum procedures are extensive. This means that important skills, abilities, and knowledge are being wasted.

The No Border Academy aims to solve this problem by giving refugees the opportunity to develop, increase, improve, and share their abilities with one another, and with the wider community.

The No Border Academy is a knowledge-sharing platform where every participant has the ability to contribute in his or her own way. We promote intercultural exchange and aim to ensure that every individual has the access to free education.

Our concept is that refugee participants choose and develop lectures and projects that meet their needs and interests, while students and community members provide support. When participants have a specific request, we also ask experts to provide lectures and workshops.

Lecturers can choose to speak in whatever language they feel most comfortable, but every lecture is simultaneously translated into English. The videos of each lecture are posted on our webpage with subtitles in several languages to ensure accessibility and a diverse and

multilingual range of seminars without no language borders.

There is a huge demand for qualified experts – We want to give refugees the opportunity to be found as such!

The team of the No Border Academy

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